As a graphic designer, I was tasked with creating a custom cup holder for a local Chiang Mai restaurant that specializes in serving Khao Soi. The restaurant wanted a cup holder that would not only serve its practical purpose but also create a unique customer experience and showcase their brand identity.

Using Photoshop, I designed a cup holder that incorporated the restaurant's logo and signature colors, along with an intricate pattern inspired by traditional Thai art. The design was carefully adjusted to fit seamlessly on the curved surface of the cup holder, and various shading and lighting effects were added to create depth and dimension.

Once the design was finalized, I provided the high-resolution files to the manufacturer for production. The cup holders were then distributed to the restaurant for use in their dine-in and takeout services.

The final product was a visually stunning cup holder that served as a marketing tool for the restaurant, increasing brand visibility and providing a unique experience for customers. It was an exciting project to work on, and I'm proud of the final result. I look forward to more opportunities to use my design skills to help businesses create products that reflect their brand identity and provide a unique customer experience.

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