As a graphic designer, I had the pleasure of creating visuals to promote a local Chiang Mai restaurant that specializes in serving Khao Soi. The restaurant wanted to attract more customers by creating eye-catching visuals that showcased their signature dish and highlighted their unique selling points.

The final designs included vivid photographs of Khao Soi dishes, bright colors, and typography that conveyed a friendly and welcoming vibe. The banners were designed to be displayed in different sizes, including larger ones that could be hung on the walls of the restaurant to create a bold visual impact.

The larger posters were displayed in prominent areas of the restaurant, where customers could easily see them as they dined. The posters also featured the restaurant's logo, which helped to reinforce their brand identity and create a strong visual connection with the customers.

Overall, the visuals I created helped the restaurant increase its visibility and attract more customers. It was a great experience to work on a project that supported a local business, and I'm proud of the final results. I look forward to more opportunities to use my design skills to help businesses grow and succeed.

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