As a graphic designer, I had the opportunity to work on a social media campaign for a local ice cream company based in Chiang Mai. The company wanted to create eye-catching banners to promote their new range of ice cream flavors, and I was tasked with creating designs that would grab the attention of potential customers.

I started by conducting research on the target audience and understanding their preferences. Then, I developed several concepts that were presented to the company for feedback. After taking their input into consideration, I refined the concepts and selected the most effective one.

Next, I began working on the design itself. I chose a color scheme that would be eye-catching and playful, in line with the brand's identity. I created illustrations of the various ice cream flavors, making sure that they were realistic and appetizing. Finally, I added the company's logo and a call-to-action that would encourage customers to try the new flavors.

Throughout the design process, I worked closely with the company to ensure that the banners met their expectations. The final designs were delivered in various formats, optimized for use on different social media platforms.

Overall, I was proud of the final result and the impact the banners had on the social media campaign. It was a great experience to work on a project that helped promote a local business, and I am excited to continue creating designs that help companies grow and succeed.

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